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Gallery Dahlia ®

Gallery dahlias are the result of 15 years of crossings between common border-dahlias and botanical, genetically lowgrowing dahlias. They are much branching, start blooming in early summer and produce an abundance of flowers during months and months. These varieties with fully double flowers are very effective in smaller garden or in the front of borders. They are also well adapted for container-growing.
They are for sale on the drymarket as tubers and as flowering potplants at the gardencentres and flowershops. When danger of damage by frost is gone you can plant them in your garden or in containers in the patio, on your deck, balcony or doorsteps. All colours are aivalable now, each with it's own characteristics and exposure.


The present varieties of the collection and their characteristics:


Dit zijn de rassen die op dit moment deel uitmaken van de Gallery Dahlia Collectie

Variety name

Class Colour Height Ř Flower
Gallery Art Deco dec Orange, underside deep red brown 40 cm, 16" 12 cm, 4.8"
Gallery Art Fair dec White,yellow-green in the centre 30 cm, 12" 13 cm, 5.2"
Gallery Art Nouveau dec Lilac, underside red-purple 40 cm, 16" 12 cm, 4.8"
Gallery Bellini dec Lilac pink, cream centre 40 cm, 16" 14 cm, 5.6"
Gallery Cézanne dec Yellow 30 cm, 12" 12 cm, 4.8"
Gallery Cobra dec Bright orange 45 cm, 18" 13 cm, 5.2"
Gallery Leonardo dec Salmon  35 cm, 14" 12 cm, 4.8"
Gallery Matisse "dec Oranje 30 cm, 12" 13 cm, 5,"
Gallery Monet dec Creamy-white with lilac top 30 cm, 12" 13 cm, 5.2"
Gallery Pablo dec Salmon-orange with yellow centre 35 cm, 14" 14 cm, 5.6"
Gallery Rembrandt dec Lilac pink with green-white tip 35 cm, 14" 10 cm, 4"
Gallery Renoir dec Bright mauve 30 cm, 12" 14 cm, 5.6"
Gallery Rivera dec Bright red 30 cm, 12" 12 cm, 4.8"
Gallery Salvador dec Creamy white, large deep red top 35 cm, 14" 15 cm, 6"
Gallery Singer dec Red 30 cm, 12" 9 cm, 3.6"
Gallery Sisley dec Lila-paars met rose-wit centrum 25 cm, 10"  
Gallery Vermeer dec Bronze-yellow 35 cm, 14" 9 cm, 3.6"
Gallery Vincent dec Orange 30 cm, 12" 13 cm, 5.2"

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